Air Compression Boots Product Info


1) Pressure range: The range of pressure is 30 mmHg (3.99 kPa)–260 mmHg (34.66 kPa) adjustable. Step 5: mmHg (0.666 kPa)
2) Overvoltage protection: The maximum working pressure should not exceed 10% of the maximum pressure in 20S.
3) Time: timing adjustment in the range of 10 to 90 minutes. Step for 1 minute
4) Working noise: Normal working noise≤60dB(A)
5) Product input power: 29.7W
6)Power supply conditions: a.c.100-240V,50-60Hz output d.c.12.6V/4A
 7) Functional switch: The device has a stop function switch, which can stop the treatment procedure at any time.
8)Product Output Channel Mode: Six Output Channels and Four Pressure Modes, See this manual for details.
9) The function of cavity closure: Any cavity can be set to open or close.
10) Normal working conditions:Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃; relative humidity: ≤85%; atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa.
11)Net weight of product mainframe:1.35kg
12) Instrument size (length * width * height): 210mm*130mm*86mm
13) Product packaging size (length * width * height):37.5cm*31.5cm*22cm

The gasket can be replaced

If you find the air boot cannot be pumped, please check if the sealing gasket is taking off or not.


1. A large screen and LED digital display for the control machine.
2. Powerful and dynamic air pressure massage.
3. Six output channels can connect each 6-air-bag cuff.
4. Time setting function: time setting for massaging from 0 to 60 minutes.
5. Cuffs use high-density TPU, which is good air-proof.
6. Our massage modes are optional; among them, mode D is pulse massage.
7. Frequent use can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, prevent thrombosis, and improve immunity.
8. Quick connector to machine; easy on/off from machine.