GuardFlex Mouth Guard Product Info




Size: 45*56*18mm (free cutting length)

Forming and use:

1. You can trim the braces to the right size according to your own shape.

2. Soak the braces in hot water at about 75 degrees for about 10 seconds to make them soft.

3. Put it in the user's mouth and gently bite the guard with the upper and lower teeth (do not bite the guard too deeply).

4. During the period, hold the hand and tongue tightly, maintain for half a minute, then put it into cold water for 10 seconds to fully shape, and then cool with cold water.

5. After each use of the braces, wash and dry them with water and put them into the box.

Note: Before each use, you need to shape according to your own tooth shape, because each person's tooth shape is different, in order to achieve good comfort and protection. need to match the braces with their own tooth shape, specifically to soften the braces After that, put it on the upper teeth; pout or squeeze it by hand; make it fit the teeth; the size can be adjusted by yourself; please do not bite with the teeth when the bubbled sleeve is set; it will bite the braces! The setting water temperature should be 70–80 degrees, and the soaking time should not exceed 10 seconds. Do not use boiled water or boiling water directly in the water dispenser; otherwise, the braces will be soaked and cannot be used. If the shaping effect is not good, the setting can be repeated. Until satisfied. The shaped braces cannot be hooped on the teeth; that is, they are too tight.


1. Every time you bring braces, there are many things in your mouth, and you won't be able to adapt to anything. 

Use your teeth to bite your teeth and breathe with your nose to reduce discomfort. It is good to insist on taking it two or three times to adapt.

2. It is recommended to replace it after three to four months. As with the toothbrush replacement period, this period of replacement is in line with oral hygiene.

Packing List:

1 Sports Mouth Guard