Air Compression Foot Massager Product Info

Key Features:

1. Pneumatic Compression Technology Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of pneumatic compression. The garment, covering the entire foot and leg, inflates and deflates cyclically. This process facilitates the removal of metabolic waste, enhances blood circulation, and reduces muscle pain and soreness for a comprehensive massage experience.

2. Boost Circulation for Faster Recovery Speed up cellular repair by delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. The massager helps remove lactic acid and other by-products, providing relief from fatigue and aiding in a quicker recovery.

3. Enhance Lymphatic Function Dramatically support the body's natural detoxification process by promoting lymphatic function. This helps eliminate toxins and waste, contributing to overall well-being.

4. Relieve Muscle Tension and Improve Flexibility Target tight and tense muscles with precision. Our foot massager increases flexibility, improves muscle response, and decreases the likelihood of injury by addressing muscle tension and fascia.

5. Eight Air Chambers for Thorough Blood Flow Benefit from eight independently controlled air chambers, extending from the foot to the thigh. This design promotes thorough blood flow, surpassing the effectiveness of models with fewer air chambers.

6. Versatile Loop Programs and Adjustable Pressure Choose from five loop programs, including alternating, incremental, pairs, all-inclusive, and A+B rotation. The pressure range of 30-250 mmHg with seven levels of adjustment ensures a personalised and comfortable massage experience.

7. Multiple Sizes for Perfect Fit Select the perfect size for your comfort:

  • Size S: Suitable for height <155cm
  • Size XL: Suitable for height of 155–173 cm
  • Size XXL: Suitable for height of 174–185 cm
  • Size XXXL: Suitable for height >185cm
  • Size trousers XL: Suitable for height of 160–185 cm
  • Size trousers XXL: Suitable for height 185-205cm

8. Worldwide Compatibility and Warranty The massager operates at a voltage 100-240V, ensuring compatibility worldwide. It comes with both European and artist plug options. Enjoy peace of mind with a limited 2-year warranty, and any faulty components will be replaced free of charge.

Revitalise your feet and promote overall well-being with our Air Compression Foot Massager. Order now and step into a world of relaxation and recovery.