Arm Compression Sleeve Product Info


Material:High-Quality Ultralight Polyester
Suit for: Adult

Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement
Due to various monitors and lighting conditions, colours may be slightly different from listed photos


Sunscreen UV protection
Professional testing and effective UV protection. Exercise in strong sunlight to protect the skin.
Stitching process
Flat and smooth splicing process, flat and high strength. Not dropped without distortion.
Non-slip upgrade
Sleeves with built-in non-slip tape, when worn, will not slide. In exercise, it is more comfortable.
Ice-silk fabric
Cool down, absorb sweat, and breathe during summer sports. Reduce exercise stress and let the body maintain a comfortable temperature.

The compression technology promotes circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, and enhances overall performance. Step into the next level of support with our Arm Compression Sleeve. Embrace the power of compression for a stronger, more confident you.