Compression Shorts Product Info

Key Features:

  1. Material: Crafted with high-quality POLYESTER, our compression shorts ensure durability and flexibility, making them ideal for intense workouts.

  2. Pattern Type: The solid pattern adds a classic and versatile touch to your activewear collection.

  3. Fit: Designed to fit true to size, these compression shorts offer a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing your overall workout experience.

  4. Compression Shorts for Men: Engineered for men, these shorts provide the perfect blend of support and flexibility, making them suitable for various physical activities.

  5. Quick Dry Technology: Featuring a quick-dry fabric, these shorts efficiently wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

  6. Compression Shorts with Pocket: Convenience meets functionality with the addition of a pocket, allowing you to carry essentials during your fitness routine.

  7. Elastic Underwear: The elastic waistband ensures a secure and adjustable fit, providing extra support during dynamic movements.


  • Material: POLYESTER
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Fit: Fits true to size
  • Additional Features: Quick Dry, Compression Shorts for Men, Compression Shorts with Pocket, Elastic Underwear