Long Grip Football Socks Product Info


  • Hose Height: Knee-High
  • Material: Nylon
  • Material Composition: Nylon Spandex
  • Elastic Size: One Size (Fits 39-45)
  • Applicable Gender: Male and Female
  • Packing: 1 Pair of Socks

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Hose Height: The knee-high design ensures ample coverage and support, making these socks ideal for football enthusiasts who prioritize both style and functionality.

  2. Premium Nylon Construction: Crafted from high-quality nylon, these socks provide durability and flexibility, allowing you to move freely on the field.

  3. Nylon Spandex Blend: The combination of nylon and spandex ensures a snug yet comfortable fit, offering the perfect balance between support and flexibility.

  4. Universal Elastic Size: With a one-size-fits-all design (39–45), these socks cater to a wide range of foot sizes, making them suitable for both men and women.

  5. Thoughtful Packaging: Each order includes a pair of socks, packaged with care to ensure they reach you in pristine condition.

Important Notes:

  • Colour Variation: Due to different monitors and lighting conditions, the actual colour of the socks may vary slightly from the images shown. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Measurement Guidelines: Please allow for a 1-2cm deviation in measurements due to manual processes.

  • Unit Conversion: For your convenience, 1 inch equals 2.54 cm, or 1 cm equals 0.39 inches.

Gear up for success on the football field with our Long Grip Football Socks. Make a statement with every kick, run, and goal!