Stainless Steel Massager Product Info

Stainless Steel Facial Tools  Tool for Face Body Metal  Tighten Skin Massage Beauty Tool for Body Neck Massager,  Scraping Tool

Package Include: 

1Piece * Stainless Steel Massage Tools 

About this item:
►Our scrapping tools will reduce the recovery time and pain, and help to heal the soft tissue damage. Whether you are a professional health care provider, a high-intensity athlete, or an active person who needs muscle relaxation, our scrapping tools will help you recover the problem area.
►The scrapping tool is made of medical-grade stainless steel. Our tools have smooth edges and do not scratch the skin or cause bleeding. The best  massage tool, real and instant pain relief.
►Prevent injury: use before exercise to prevent damage, and use after exercise to accelerate recovery. Myofascial release technology increases blood circulation and lengthens muscles, which helps increase flexibility and flexibility of the body.
►The package is equipped with a storage bag. Enjoy the freedom of using the  technique at home, in the office, or traveling on the way whenever you need it without spending your time and money on expensive massage treatments.



Size- Large